Management Systems

BRC Foods

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) is the lead trade association representing the whole range of retailers, from the large multiples and department stores through to independents, selling a wide selection of products through centre of town, out of town, rural and virtual stores.

The BRC is the authoritative voice of retail, recognised for its powerful campaigning and influence within government and as a provider of excellent retail information.

BRC Food System Risk Assessment:

  • Identify the hazards : This involves brainstorming all of the potential hazards that could occur at any stage of your food system, from farm to fork. Examples of hazards include microbiological contamination, chemical contamination, physical contamination, and allergen contamination.
  • Assess the risks : Once you have identified the hazards, you need to assess the likelihood (probability) and severity of each hazard. This can be done using a risk matrix, which is a tool that helps you to score each hazard based on its severity and probability.
  • Control the risks : Once you have assessed the risks, you need to develop and implement controls to mitigate them. Controls can include preventive measures, such as good hygiene practices and sanitation procedures, or corrective measures, such as recall procedures.
  • Monitor and review : It is important to monitor and review your risk assessment on a regular basis to ensure that it is still up-to-date and effective. This may involve reviewing your risk assessment after any changes to your food system, such as the introduction of a new product or ingredient.
  • Document your risk assessment : Your risk assessment should be documented in a clear and concise way so that it can be easily understood by others.