Management Systems

ISO 10002: 2018

We have rich experience in helping organization to get ISO 10002: 2014 (QM-CS)/BS 25999: 2006 (BCMS) certifications. The prominently featured international quality certification ISO 10002:2014 helps organizations to better manage complaints which are related to products pertaining to planning, design, operation, maintenance and improvement.

Complaints-handling process described is suitable for use as one of the processes of an overall quality management system.


  • To help organizations improve customer satisfaction by establishing a formal system for receiving, recording, analyzing, and responding to complaints.
  • To provide a framework for identifying and addressing the root causes of complaints to prevent them from recurring.
  • To enhance communication and build trust with customers by demonstrating a commitment to resolving their concerns effectively.


  • Increased customer satisfaction : By addressing complaints promptly and fairly, organizations can build stronger relationships with their customers and foster loyalty.
  • Reduced costs : Identifying and addressing the root causes of complaints can help organizations avoid recurring issues and associated costs.
  • Improved efficiency : A structured complaints handling process can streamline the process and make it more efficient for both the organization and the customer.
  • Enhanced brand reputation : Demonstrating a commitment to customer satisfaction through effective complaints handling can improve an organization’s brand image and reputation.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements : Some industries or regions may have specific regulations regarding complaints handling, and ISO 10002 can help organizations meet these requirements.