Management Systems


Kosher food certification is one of the highly regarded quality certification for companies/corporates dealing in food items or in related products. Kosher has been proven to be helpful to food organizations in terms of getting global acceptance of their products/services offered and better management of their complex business functioning etc.

We at Samart Associates have proven expertise in helping food companies to easily get these quality certifications. Our dedicated team of professionals first identifies the overall existing operational mechanism of the organization and then after thorough research & intensive analysis, prepares a sequential flowchart to implement the procedures/guidelines in accordance of KLBD.

What are The Benefits of Getting These Certifications?

Getting certified with such internationally accepted quality standards, helps organizations or food companies in particular to better sell themselves to international buyers or clients.

With having such stringent quality system in place, the overall operation mechanism of companies gets enhanced and minimizes or zeros down the occurrence of defects/faults.

With the rising numbers of companies (approximately 10,000 companies are engaged in manufacturing products for Kosher market), involved in manufacturing products for kosher market along with the rapid increase in the products which are being introduced annually (approximately 3000 new products gets introduced in kosher market annually),being kosher certified provides an opportunity to organizations to further expand their business functioning.

Kosher certified food is largely consumed by people from Jewish religious communities as food certified with Kosher is said to be prepared following the regimen which is in confirmation of the dietary regimen, mentioned in Tohra. So, it means that food companies involved in the manufacturing of kosher certified food products, there always exists a global demand of consumers and bulk buyers.