Management Systems

IFS Food V8.0

IFS Food v8.0 is the latest version of the International Featured Standards (IFS) Food standard, a globally recognized food safety and quality certification scheme for food manufacturers. It was released in October 2023 and became mandatory for all certified companies on January 1, 2024.

IFS Food v8.0 risk assessment is a crucial component of achieving certification under the IFS Food Standard, which evaluates a food producer’s ability to deliver safe, authentic, and quality products. Here’s an overview:

Key Aspects of IFS Food v8.0 Risk Assessment:

  • Risk-based approach : The standard emphasizes identifying and prioritizing risks relevant to your specific operation and products. This allows for customized solutions and resource allocation.
  • Focus on hazards : You need to identify potential hazards (biological, chemical, physical) at each stage of your production process and assess their severity and likelihood of occurrence.
  • Evaluation and control measures : Based on the risk assessment, you establish appropriate control measures to mitigate risks. These might involve preventive controls, monitoring procedures, and corrective actions.
  • Documentation and review : The risk assessment process and its outcomes need to be documented and regularly reviewed for effectiveness and updates.