Company Profile

Our Strength

We are Samrat Corporate Consultant Pvt. Ltd. successfully working as the World-Class Management Consultants & Corporate Trainers, Since Year 2001. Our Passionate Team of experienced consultants has proven track record of success. We partner with clients across various industries to achieve measurable results. Our Team has strong presence & knowledge in The Business Consultancy & Corporate Training. We, at SAMRAT ASSOCIATES, offer complete guidance for newly establishment of several Management Systems, right from the detailed Gap Analysis & preparation of the required documentation to the final audits carried out either by Second Party Customers or renowned certifying bodies.

Here are some key Strengths of Samrat Corporate Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

  • Extensive Expertise : With over 22 years of industrial experience, SAMRAT ASSOCIATES boasts a team of professionals and qualified experts in various fields, ensuring a depth of knowledge and insight into management systems and standards.
  • Comprehensive Services : SAMRAT Corporate Consultants Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of services including management consultancy, corporate training, and assessment services for numerous management systems certifications and product certifications. This comprehensive approach allows clients to address multiple aspects of their business needs under one roof.
  • International Recognition : The CEO, Dr. Abhimanyu Samrat, is recognized internationally, having been an alumni of the U.S. State Department and serving as the lead instructor for US-FDA PCQI. His accreditation and expertise in over 15 different international standards add credibility and trust to the services provided by Samrat Associates.
  • Result-Oriented Approach : SAMRATs are committed to delivering results for its clients. The organization focuses on aligning and integrating clients' management systems with international standards in a way that is sustainable and not burdensome to implement, ensuring tangible improvements in overall performance.
  • Long Term Business Collaborations : SAMRAT ASSOCIATES has established strong collaborations with reputable organizations such as UL for product certifications, training, and testing activities, as well as with the London Synagogue for KLBD Kosher certifications. These partnerships enhance the breadth and quality of services offered to clients.
  • Government Recognitions : The CEO and Execution Manager are accredited and registered consultants by NBQP (National Board for Quality Promotion) in the QCI (Quality Council of India), demonstrating recognition and validation of their expertise in quality and food safety management systems by the Indian government.
  • Client-Centric Approach : With a commitment to our clients, SAMRAT Associates prioritizes understanding their unique needs and tailoring solutions accordingly. The organization's strength lies in its ability to offer personalized guidance and support throughout the process, from gap analysis to final audits, ensuring client satisfaction.