Management Systems

ISO 26000:

ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on social responsibility is an international standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that provides guidance on social responsibility. It is not a certifiable standard, but rather a guidance document that organizations can use to help them improve their social responsibility performance.

An ISO 26000 Risk Assessment:

  • Identify and prioritize SR risks: Understand which aspects of your operations have the most significant potential negative social and environmental impacts.
  • Reduce reputational risks: Proactive management of SR risks helps avoid potential damage to your reputation and brand image.
  • Boost stakeholder engagement: Demonstrates your commitment to responsible practices and transparency to stakeholders.
  • Improve decision-making: Provides data-driven insights for making informed decisions about your SR strategy.
  • Meet investor and customer expectations: Increasingly, investors and customers demand responsible practices from businesses.